Participate in UNC Faculty Rights Survey


We encourage UNC System faculty to participate in a survey on the state of faculty grievance processes on your campus.

The survey, a project undertaken by Drs. Stella Anderson and Sandie Gravett, both of Appalachian State University, was sent to UNC faculty via email last week. The subject of the email is “UNC Faculty Rights Survey.”

Though this is an independent research project run entirely by Drs. Anderson and Gravett, the North Carolina State Conference supports their work. They present the rationale of their survey in a recent post published on AAUP’s national website, Academe Blog, entitled “Campus Grievance Hearing Procedures and Faculty Rights.” It is available here:

As Drs. Anderson and Gravett explain in their post, their “project …  begins from the premise that a robust and functional process can offer clear evidence of institutional health by demonstrating a concern for the working conditions and essential freedoms necessary to a higher education faculty.”  This survey, they hope, will teach us more about the best ways to defend faculty employment rights in the 21st century, at a time when the traditional tenure-based model is under stress. A strong faculty grievance system is also critical to preserving a thriving system of shared governance.

The survey has been IRB-approved. In their email, Drs. Anderson and Gravett note:

– They are surveying all faculty within the UNC System.

– No questions will breach confidentiality requirements.

– This survey should take ten minutes of your time.

More about their project—which may also interest campuses that do not belong to the UNC system—is available at the project website here:

You may also contact Drs. Anderson and Gravett via email at this address:

We encourage you to consider participating in this survey, and asking your colleagues to do the same.

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